Smart Phones and Cases: A Match Made in Heaven

Smart Phones and CasesToday, smart phones are always found in every pocket or every palm in everyone’s hand nowadays. It’s like a small, handheld computer, camera and music player where you can make calls and send text messages. There are currently a lot of players in the consumer electronics market that are presenting new ways of using smart phones with every release. The features are amazing, and a significant added plus are the application and program stores of every company, notably Apple’s App Store, Android’s Google Play and Blackberry’s Online Store, where you can download different programs in order to maximize your smart phone experience. However, even if most of the hardware and software aspects of these devices are steadily improving, they are still prone to the perennial problems that are caused by nature, daily use, wear and tear and of course, human carelessness. This is why there are companies and manufacturers that have invested heavily on developing phone cases. You may be looking at the hard polycarbonate casing protecting your smart phone has around it now, but did you know that it may be ingeniously designed? Well, since most devices plastic, aluminum or polycarbonate casings are prone to scratching and chips, cases are pretty much one of the most important items in the consumer electronics market.

A smart phone case may be made of one or several layers of protection. These are mainly made of light, synthetic materials which may either be polycarbonate or plastic. Polycarbonate mainly acts as a barrier that shields the device from initial impacts and shocks that provides sacrificial protection by preventing dirt as well as moisture from entering the device. It is also a masochist for scratches. Though thin polycarbonate shells are not really durable, they can provide some sort of protection. There are some manufacturers that use thin sheets of metal, particularly aluminum or stainless steel, that are pretty light considering the material they are made of. Some case manufacturers like Griffin and Otterbox outdo themselves all the time. With every case they release, they make a commitment to protection. Most of their products provide several layers of protection. It is usually made of a thick polycarbonate exterior with a silicone layer that absorbs the shocks and other impacts. They have also created waterproof cases, which enables you to use your device (take pictures for example) underwater.

As well as protection, cases have awesome aesthetic and practical properties. Manufacturers like iLuv and Moshi pay special attention to the looks, often incorporating avant-garde designs into their products. While they may provide minimal protection, their cases pretty much make you look and your smart phone look good. As for the practical aspect, there are some cases that have additional features like stashes, vertical and horizontal stands and multiple pockets wherein you can store your credit cards and other documents. The most notable brand that presents these features would be Incipio. So if you are looking for the hottest iPhone 5 case, Samsung S4 covers or Blackberry Q10 accessories, be sure to take note of the points in this entry! Happy shopping!

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