Latest iPhone 5 Cases for Style and Protection

iPhones from Apple is the best if not one of the best mobile devices ever, and if you have one, it simply deserves to be dressed with the latest iPhone 5 cases that boast sophistication and protection in one. Just like its predecessors, the launch of iPhone 5 created global headlines, and techie geeks out there rushed on the stores to get their own share of the device that sold like hotcakes.

Choosing iPhone 5 is a sure good choice. With its wide range of features and quality, it is quite difficult to get disappointed by the phone. Well, you got one of the hottest mobile devices in town, and it deserves to be given the respect it deserves so that you can maximize its use while keeping its beautiful and damage-free. Keeping your phone protected is not difficult today. There are a long list of fabulous cases to suit every iPhone user’s taste and style preference.

Here are a few of the hottest iPhone cases for your equally hot gadget:

iPhone 5 Cases

Griffin GB35562 Survivor Waterproof iPhone 5

Though one durable phone, your iPhone 5 is no swimmer so there is no way that you drop your phone into the water and expect that it will still live for you. “What? There is a way?” In fact, yes. With Griffin GB35562 Survivor Waterproof for iPhone 5, you can use your phone taking underwater pictures as deep as 10 ft. not only that, you can also bring your phone to listen music in the bathtub, pool, or even riding a motorcycle under the rain.

Diamond iPhone 5 Cases

G-Zed Mobile GZIPHARGSKIN1 TPU Diamond iPhone 5

Want simple, but fun? This chic green case from G-Zed Mobile is a cool case for a cool price. This case is made of high-quality lightweight TPU for custom fit and superior grip, a very affordable choice to protect your phone.

Vera Folio iPhone 5

iSkin VERA5GBR2 Vera Folio iPhone 5

Ultimate sophistication for your iPhone 5 is not hard to achieve with this fiery red case made by iSkin. The case is made of faux leather and snakeskin finish that covers the phone entirely. Added features are business card holder, magnetic snap, and iSkin’s hand crafted logo.

Defender iPhone 5

Otterbox 7722525 Defender iPhone 5

Is your goal to defend your iPhone 5 to the invasion of dust and the claws of scratches? Now, Otterbox, one of the best creators of durable Smartphone covers bring you Otterbox 7722525 Defender for iPhone 5. The case offers three layers of protection that allows you to interact with iPhone 5’s functions effectively.

Stashback iPhone 5

Incipio IPH848 Stashback iPhone 5

This iPhone 5 case is not only for fashion and protection, but also can act as your secondary wallet. It has an innovative design that gives ultra rugged protection to protect your device against the worst conditions. It is made of high-quality polycarbonate shell and shock absorbing silicone core for superior security and carrying solution of your essentials.

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