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Blackberry Q10 Case Review: The Otterbox Defender

This entry is basically a Blackberry Q10 Otterbox Defender case review. As we all know, the Blackberry Q10 is a complete deviation from the rectangular design that most smart phone companies deploy on their designs. Yes, it has a touchscreen but with it comes a QWERTY keyboard which is actually it's selling point – despite the widespread user interest toward smart phones with larger screens. With the Z10, the Blackberry Q10 is one of the company's flagship smart phones, hustling with the likes of the Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5s for consumer electronics supremacy and bragging rights.Let us assume that most of us are all familiar with the phone accessory company Otterbox. It employs the use of cases that emphasize protection above everything else. One of its cases, the Commuter, has gained positive reviews from users and pundits alike. Does the company's current flagship phone case, the Defender, live up to the company's name? Keep reading to find out.

Protection - 10/10

blackberry Case

The Blackberry Q10 Otterbox Defender scores a perfect 10 when it comes to scoring its protective capabilities. The Defender, as its name suggests, is the perfect line of defense when it comes to protecting the Q10 from any sort of damage and external interference. Scratches and chips will be avoided and so is damage that can be taken from dust, sand and moisture. This is so because the phone case consists of three layers of protection. First, the outer polycarbonate shell which happens to be its primary defense line, second the inner silicone layer and lastly, the plastic membrane that prevents direct contact with the touchscreen. The polycarbonate is able to absorb and deflect most of the shocks, force and impacts landed unto it while the silicone layer cushions it, effectively protecting the Q10. The plastic membrane meanwhile, is only limited to the smaller touchscreen and not the keyboard. Despite which, it garners a perfect score thanks to its other components.

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A List of the Best Lumia 920 Cases

Probably one of the best smart phones that was released last year, the Lumia 920 (check Nokia Lumia 920 cases) boasts a number of capabilities and features that are unique to it. With it running the Windows 8 Mobile operating system and having a pretty nice chipset, it definitely is one of the must-have phones of 2012. The device also has a high definition touch screen paired with awesome definition, perfect for multimedia content viewing. Its cameras are up to par with most smart phones, with them being 8 MP (primary camera) and 1.3 MP (secondary), both of which being Carl Zeiss optics. However, despite its multitude of features and capabilities, it is still prone to damage, which makes it an imperative to immediately own a phone case specifically for it. Do not fret; there are a lot of companies that have made it a mission to protect one of Nokia’s flagship smart phones (and other devices like the Blackberry Q10). Here are some of the cases which you may want to add to your shopping list:

Otterbox Defender

Otterbox Defender

This company is known for their very protective cases, and the Defender underscores this reputation. Probably one of the best cases designed specifically for protection, the Defender boasts three layers of optimum quality protection. This case’s outer layer is made of hard polycarbonate, which deflects and blocks force that may potentially damage the device. Also, it is effective in keeping out solid objects like dust particles and sand. The second layer meanwhile is composed of a softer silicone core, which absorbs most of the force and prevents it from reaching the device. The third is composed of a membrane that prevents direct contact with the touch screen, effectively reducing the chances of it sustaining damage from daily wear and tear. Overall, if you are looking for extreme protection (especially if you happen to be pretty careless), then the Otterbox Defender is definitely for you.

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Blackberry Q10 Cases: Protecting the Berry

Protecting the Blackberry Q10 or any other smart phone for that matter is a daunting task, considering the uncertainties that may happen every day; this fact makes it important for one to avail the best Blackberry Q10 Cases. Before we discuss the cases, let’s first take a look on the things that you really need to know about the smart phone and why its fans are going crazy over it.
Blackberry is facing a tough situation in the smart phone market, due to the rise of Apple’s iPhone, Samsung’s Galaxy Series (check the S4’s cases here) and other companies like Huawei and HTC. Earlier this year, they released the Z10, which is currently their co-flagship smart phone. The Q10 meanwhile, was also released last April and boasts user-friendliness and convenience. Despite the screen just being 3.1 inches and having only a 720 x 720 screen resolution, it’s main selling point is its QWERTY keyboard, which is a trademark of Blackberry. Despite its limited features and capabilities, the Q10 is fit for professionals and businessmen who are looking at simplicity and convenience rather than sophistication and complexity. With all that’s been said however, it is still susceptible to all forms of damage which can be averted through the use of cases and covers. Here are some of the cases that you may want to wrap around the Q10.

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Best Phone Cases for Samsung Galaxy S4

People weren’t able to get over with the Galaxy S III yet when its successor made its grand entrance. Samsung Galaxy S4 became one of the most popular Smartphones in the Android market, making sales that proved the Korean manufacturer is taking the market share in storm in the ongoing Smartphone war.

If you got yourself the most anticipated phone from the Korean brand, it simply deserves the best protection from you. Galaxy S4 is undoubtedly one of the best devices in the market today with little changes from the Galaxy 3 particularly the bigger screen, and its additions of cool features that users will definitely enjoy.

Phone cases and cover are primary essentials of your phone. Because you can never tell when an accidental drop or spill will happen, getting your phone protectively covered with phones cases for samsung galaxy is your best action to prevent the worse from happening. What is more frustrating than having your Galaxy S4’s screen broken by just a very light drop on the floor? With a screen protector and durable cover, your phone might have been saved.

We listed a few of the best phone cases for Samsung Galaxy S4 from various reliable brands:

Bling My Thing GS4MWCLCRY Crystal Case GS4 Clear

Bling My Thing GS4MWCLCRY Crystal Case GS4 Clear

A phone case that conforms for fashion and protection, Bling My Thing Crystal Case is a cover that ladies will be pleased to have. With its slim fitting design coated with UV, this case is made of high quality polycarbonate shell that you can count on for protection at its finest.

Griffin GB37803 Survivor GS4

Griffin GB37803 Survivor GS4

The Griffin Survivor offers a series of phone cover that has been independently tested to meet the conditions outlined in the US Dept of Defense MIL-STD-810. It is a phone case that acts as your superior guard against the challenges of the weather such as dirt, rain, wind, debris. It provides unhindered us of your phone by allowing access to the phone’s controls and ports.

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Latest iPhone 5 Cases for Style and Protection

iPhones from Apple is the best if not one of the best mobile devices ever, and if you have one, it simply deserves to be dressed with the latest iPhone 5 cases that boast sophistication and protection in one. Just like its predecessors, the launch of iPhone 5 created global headlines, and techie geeks out there rushed on the stores to get their own share of the device that sold like hotcakes.

Choosing iPhone 5 is a sure good choice. With its wide range of features and quality, it is quite difficult to get disappointed by the phone. Well, you got one of the hottest mobile devices in town, and it deserves to be given the respect it deserves so that you can maximize its use while keeping its beautiful and damage-free. Keeping your phone protected is not difficult today. There are a long list of fabulous cases to suit every iPhone user’s taste and style preference.

Here are a few of the hottest iPhone cases for your equally hot gadget:

iPhone 5 Cases

Griffin GB35562 Survivor Waterproof iPhone 5

Though one durable phone, your iPhone 5 is no swimmer so there is no way that you drop your phone into the water and expect that it will still live for you. “What? There is a way?” In fact, yes. With Griffin GB35562 Survivor Waterproof for iPhone 5, you can use your phone taking underwater pictures as deep as 10 ft. not only that, you can also bring your phone to listen music in the bathtub, pool, or even riding a motorcycle under the rain.

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Smart Phones and Cases: A Match Made in Heaven

Smart Phones and CasesToday, smart phones are always found in every pocket or every palm in everyone’s hand nowadays. It’s like a small, handheld computer, camera and music player where you can make calls and send text messages. There are currently a lot of players in the consumer electronics market that are presenting new ways of using smart phones with every release. The features are amazing, and a significant added plus are the application and program stores of every company, notably Apple’s App Store, Android’s Google Play and Blackberry’s Online Store, where you can download different programs in order to maximize your smart phone experience. However, even if most of the hardware and software aspects of these devices are steadily improving, they are still prone to the perennial problems that are caused by nature, daily use, wear and tear and of course, human carelessness. This is why there are companies and manufacturers that have invested heavily on developing phone cases. You may be looking at the hard polycarbonate casing protecting your smart phone has around it now, but did you know that it may be ingeniously designed? Well, since most devices plastic, aluminum or polycarbonate casings are prone to scratching and chips, cases are pretty much one of the most important items in the consumer electronics market.

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