Blackberry Q10 Cases: Protecting the Berry

Protecting the Blackberry Q10 or any other smart phone for that matter is a daunting task, considering the uncertainties that may happen every day; this fact makes it important for one to avail the best Blackberry Q10 Cases. Before we discuss the cases, let’s first take a look on the things that you really need to know about the smart phone and why its fans are going crazy over it.
Blackberry is facing a tough situation in the smart phone market, due to the rise of Apple’s iPhone, Samsung’s Galaxy Series (check the S4’s cases here) and other companies like Huawei and HTC. Earlier this year, they released the Z10, which is currently their co-flagship smart phone. The Q10 meanwhile, was also released last April and boasts user-friendliness and convenience. Despite the screen just being 3.1 inches and having only a 720 x 720 screen resolution, it’s main selling point is its QWERTY keyboard, which is a trademark of Blackberry. Despite its limited features and capabilities, the Q10 is fit for professionals and businessmen who are looking at simplicity and convenience rather than sophistication and complexity. With all that’s been said however, it is still susceptible to all forms of damage which can be averted through the use of cases and covers. Here are some of the cases that you may want to wrap around the Q10.

Blackberry Leather Flip Shell

Leather Flip Shell     

The company is also known to create their own cases, and one of these is the Leather Flip Shell for Q10. As its name suggests, it is made of leather and provides all around protection for the device. When closed, it can be easily be opened, giving you access to the keyboard and the touchscreen. One of its qualities is its being made of lightweight, genuine yet durable leather.

Incipio Feather Q10

Incipio Feather Q10     

This electronics accessory manufacturer is known for their light weight and sophisticated-looking cases. The Feather, as its name suggests, is as light as a feather and does not add any bulk or weight to the palm of your hand. It is made from a combination of silicone and polycarbonate, which assures protection from superficial types of damage like scratches and tips and the ability to avert the force caused by impacts and shocks.

Otterbox Commuter


Known to be a company that specializes in the protection aspect, their cause and purpose is embodied in the Commuter. Despite being a slim case, it is pretty tough, due to its inner silicone skin and extra hard polycarbonate outer shell. The inner skin prevents any of the force and shocks sustained from reaching the Q10 while the outer polycarbonate shell shields it. The case comes with a nice screen protector that will allow you to freely use the touch screen. Also, it does not sacrifice convenience since the case allows access to all ports and utilities and does not hinder keyboard use. Lastly, its sleek and smooth finish allows it to slide into pockets and look aesthetically appealing and complements the Q10 well.

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