Blackberry Q10 Case Review: The Otterbox Defender

This entry is basically a Blackberry Q10 Otterbox Defender case review. As we all know, the Blackberry Q10 is a complete deviation from the rectangular design that most smart phone companies deploy on their designs. Yes, it has a touchscreen but with it comes a QWERTY keyboard which is actually it's selling point – despite the widespread user interest toward smart phones with larger screens. With the Z10, the Blackberry Q10 is one of the company's flagship smart phones, hustling with the likes of the Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5s for consumer electronics supremacy and bragging rights.Let us assume that most of us are all familiar with the phone accessory company Otterbox. It employs the use of cases that emphasize protection above everything else. One of its cases, the Commuter, has gained positive reviews from users and pundits alike. Does the company's current flagship phone case, the Defender, live up to the company's name? Keep reading to find out.

Protection - 10/10

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The Blackberry Q10 Otterbox Defender scores a perfect 10 when it comes to scoring its protective capabilities. The Defender, as its name suggests, is the perfect line of defense when it comes to protecting the Q10 from any sort of damage and external interference. Scratches and chips will be avoided and so is damage that can be taken from dust, sand and moisture. This is so because the phone case consists of three layers of protection. First, the outer polycarbonate shell which happens to be its primary defense line, second the inner silicone layer and lastly, the plastic membrane that prevents direct contact with the touchscreen. The polycarbonate is able to absorb and deflect most of the shocks, force and impacts landed unto it while the silicone layer cushions it, effectively protecting the Q10. The plastic membrane meanwhile, is only limited to the smaller touchscreen and not the keyboard. Despite which, it garners a perfect score thanks to its other components.

Design and aesthetics - 9/10


The Blackberry Q10 Otterbox Defender is specially made for the device. Due to the success of the Q10, Otterbox bothered to make the Defender series perfect for it. Despite being a highly protective device, it looks good at doing its job and complements the whole device. This is also due to its smooth, matte finish. The whole thing fits seamlessly unto it. The only negative thing about the whole look of the case is that it looks too plain. A little tweaking and added color themes (it is only available in black) then it would have garnered itself a perfect score.

Convenience - 10/10

Like the protection aspect, the Blackberry Q10 Otterbox Defender scores a perfect ten for convenience. Why? Well, despite it being seemingly bulky due to the kind of protection it gives, it is actually pretty light. It weighs a little over a ounce, giving the best (and imbalanced) lightness:protection ratio among the cases currently in the market. The Defender also has another arsenal in its inventory: it has a belt clip holster which can also be used as a kick stand, making your device a lot easy to use.

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Overall, the Defender scores a near perfect 29/30 in this entry. This is a case you certainly would want to have wrapped around your device. Protection, aesthetics and convenience in one. What more can you ask for? Not only is it available for the Blackberry Q10, it is also available to the Lumia 920.

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