A List of the Best Lumia 920 Cases

Probably one of the best smart phones that was released last year, the Lumia 920 (check Nokia Lumia 920 cases) boasts a number of capabilities and features that are unique to it. With it running the Windows 8 Mobile operating system and having a pretty nice chipset, it definitely is one of the must-have phones of 2012. The device also has a high definition touch screen paired with awesome definition, perfect for multimedia content viewing. Its cameras are up to par with most smart phones, with them being 8 MP (primary camera) and 1.3 MP (secondary), both of which being Carl Zeiss optics. However, despite its multitude of features and capabilities, it is still prone to damage, which makes it an imperative to immediately own a phone case specifically for it. Do not fret; there are a lot of companies that have made it a mission to protect one of Nokia’s flagship smart phones (and other devices like the Blackberry Q10). Here are some of the cases which you may want to add to your shopping list:

Otterbox Defender

Otterbox Defender

This company is known for their very protective cases, and the Defender underscores this reputation. Probably one of the best cases designed specifically for protection, the Defender boasts three layers of optimum quality protection. This case’s outer layer is made of hard polycarbonate, which deflects and blocks force that may potentially damage the device. Also, it is effective in keeping out solid objects like dust particles and sand. The second layer meanwhile is composed of a softer silicone core, which absorbs most of the force and prevents it from reaching the device. The third is composed of a membrane that prevents direct contact with the touch screen, effectively reducing the chances of it sustaining damage from daily wear and tear. Overall, if you are looking for extreme protection (especially if you happen to be pretty careless), then the Otterbox Defender is definitely for you.

Incipio Feather

Incipio Feather

This company is known for their cases (including their other Nokia Lumia 920 cases) that have sleek designs which emphasize aesthetics with a little pinch of protection. Incipio’s best selling case, the Feather, underscores this fact. As its name suggests, the Feather is pretty light, weighing only at half an ounce. It has a slim fit design; however, it provides acceptable protection mainly due to its rigid polycarbonate frame that prevents superficial damage like scratches and bumps – and in extreme cases, protection from falls and shocks. The case does not sacrifice aesthetics and protection over accessibility, since it allows access to all ports and utilities, like the cameras and audio jacks. Lastly, one of its major selling points is its smooth matte finish, guaranteed to make you look and feel good while using it.

G-Zed Mobile Skin for the Lumia 920

G-Zed Mobile Skin

Though this company may not be well-known amongst the multitude of companies slugging it out for phone case supremacy, G-Zed is looking to make waves in the Lumia 920 consumer base with its case for the Lumia 920. It is made of TPU, which guarantees protection from the elements and is able to block all sorts of damage.

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